WomenTech Educators Online Bootcamp: Increase Female Enrollment in STEM Classes with Proven System

Customized Feedback + Working as a Team = Amazing Results within a Year!


"I learned so much about retention from the online training, I decided our entire Engineering and Technology Department could benefit and we are bringing the online training to our school and rolling it out to all of the technical faculty over the next two years."

Van Madray, Dean of Construction and Industrial Technology Division, Pitt Community College,
Winterville, North Carolina

"Attending the WomenTech Educators Online Training was the best decision I have made in a long time! During the training, I developed a recruitment and retention plan for one of the CIS programs […] I will be able to take my experience and work on other programs of study using the same framework."

Edna Quintana Claus, Ph.D., M.B.A., Computer Information Systems (CIS) Division Director, Texas State Technical College, Harlingen, Texas

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Online Training

Customized Feedback Calls

Recruitment & Retention Resources

Females in STEM: Key Factors for Recruitment

✓ Top 3 recruitment strategies & how to put them to use

✓ How to adopt a program-wide “female friendly” recruitment approach

✓ How to communicate the benefits of STEM at each stage of the recruitment process

✓ Effective strategies to involve faculty & staff in your recruiting effort

Gender Diversity in STEM: Boosting Enrollment & Implementing New Culture

✓ Barriers to recruiting women into STEM & how to overcome them

✓ How to identify your target audience for recruitment and low-hanging fruit

✓ Success in STEM: See actionable examples of successful STEM programs

Strategies to Keep STEM Students on Course & Improve Graduation Rates

✓ How to make female students feel welcome and what not to do

✓ Ways to bolster confidence in STEM students to ensure success

✓ Strategies to help your female students be successful in the lab

✓ Building block skills to help close the experience gap

Addressing the STEM Challenge: Appeal to Women Who Aren't Excited by STEM

✓ How faculty can teach to female learning styles

✓ How to connect students with female role models & create community

✓ An "ah-ha" moment on spatial reasoning - what you need to know

Building a Leadership Team Model for Women in STEM: Strategies for Success

✓ Ways to partner with faculty, administrators, student services & others

✓ No educator is an island: How to work together & boost STEM retention

✓ Top 3 qualities of an effective Leadership Team & how to employ them

Download WomenTech Online Bootcamp Brochure (PDF)

You Will Learn:

You Will Take Away:

  1. An easy-to-implement Recruitment Plan to greatly increase the number of women and girls in your STEM classrooms.
  2. A Retention Plan for your school to increase the completion rate of your female (and male students), starting this semester.
  3. The knowledge and confidence you need to put these plans into action right away, and free bonus tools that will help you be even more successful. (See Resources section below.)
  4. A final presentation highlighting your successful outcomes which you can use to garner additional support.
  5. Optional: Participants may receive one unit of continuing education credit from Fresno Pacific University.
    Note: You can sign up for the continuing education credit starting 4 weeks in advance of training.

Your team will receive a team license for all these resources as part of your training registration.

Downloadable products included with Bootcamp:

Resources Included with the Online Bootcamp:

STEM Success for Women Master Class (value = $180 per individual license)

12, hour-long audio interviews and transcripts from educators who have successfully recruited and retained female students in STEM, sharing the step-by-step *recipe* for how they achieved this. The Master Class is the recorded version of our recent powerful STEM Success for Women Telesummit.

Women in Technology Outreach Kit (value = $150 per individual license)

This easy-to-use downloadable kit has examples and fill-in-the-blank templates for program brochures, flyers, recruitment presentations, and school website sections that all include female role models. The female role model questionnaire has all the proven questions to ask your role models.

The WomenTech Classroom eBook: A Treasure Trove of Hard-to-Find Women in STEM Resources for Educators (value = $35 per individual license) 

Instantly access women in STEM classroom resources and online role model resources that will help women and girls see themselves in all career pathways.

July 2018 WomenTech Educators Online Bootcamp Program:

  • Dates: 1-week Orientation then 4-Day Bootcamp from July 12 - 13 & July 19 - 20, 2018
  • Times: 8:00 AM - 1:30 PM PT (11:00 AM - 4:30 PM ET) 
  • Hours required: 1.5-hour Orientation Call with your team then 5.5 hour interactive Bootcamp for 4 days
  • Team building and target audience laser coaching during the Orientation week call
  • 2 Recruitment and Retention Plan Feedback Calls per team
  • Support for Implementation Call 3 months out and unlimited email support during training
  • Virtual presentation report on outcomes by all teams at 6-month mark
  • 5 hours of Customized Feedback per team
  • Each team receives transcripts and recordings of all coaching calls

Continuing Education Credit: Fresno Pacific University is now offering 1 unit of continuing education credit to online Bootcamp participants! Note: You can sign up for continuing education credit starting 4 weeks in advance of training.

Live 4-Day Online Bootcamp Details:

$6,500 per team of 6-10 participants

May 1 - June 15

Early-Bird Registration Special

Regular Registration

Late Registration

June 16 - June 29

July 1+

$7,500 per team of 6-10 participants

$8,500 per team of 6-10 participants


Questions? Talk with Donna Milgram

IWITTS’s Executive Director Donna Milgram is happy to talk with you about how your school can achieve its goals for broadening participation, potential team member selection, and to make sure this training opportunity is a good fit. 

Schedule a Time to Talk with Donna Milgram about the July 2018 Online Bootcamp

Your Community College Can Achieve Results Like These:

We’ve unlocked the proven path to increasing the number of female students in your STEM program. Community colleges in our National Science Foundation-funded online trainings have seen remarkable results as soon as the next semester:

Results from Past Participants

NEVER let anyone tell you again that nothing can be done, or that making change happen for female students in your STEM program will take decades or require a huge budget. We have the evidence to prove your community college can start seeing real increases in as little as one year!

Source: Participants in WomenTech Educators Online Training. External evaluator's report to the National Science Foundation for the CalWomenTech Scale-Up Project.

IWITTS has cracked the code to helping community colleges broaden participation as soon as the next semester with the WomenTech Educators Online Training System – developed during our 5 National Science Foundation projects and now available to all community colleges through IWITTS's WomenTech Online Training program.
The proven formula that makes this system so effective includes the following elements:

Schools Working as a Team

The WomenTech Online Training System recommends schools to participate in teams of 6-10 because working as a team has proven critical to helping other colleges see real results and enact institutional change. Participating as a team ensures that all the key stakeholders are represented and invested in the Women in STEM Recruitment and Retention Plan your college develops as part of the training, while also improving the infrastructure of your college to broaden participation. The plan template includes required key elements that set teams up to be successful. (See “The Power of Teams” below for recommendations on potential team members.)

Focus on One STEM Career Pathway

Each team that participates in the WomenTech Online Training program will need to choose one career pathway/program (example: engineering technology) in which women are underrepresented to focus on. Once your team has had success with one career pathway, you will have all the tools you need to then expand your efforts to reach more programs. Starting with one program means your Recruitment and Retention Plan will be more targeted, more manageable, and easier to implement right away. Keep in mind that your team’s recruitment and retention strategies will differ by program because your outreach materials, talking points, prerequisites, building block skills, and female role models will all be unique to each program. We also recommend you pick a career pathway in a high-demand area where employers are hiring at relatively high wages, so you can share this information with prospective female (and male) students!

The WomenTech Educators Training System for Success

During the training, I developed a Recruitment and Retention Plan for one of the CIS programs. This is not a training where you consider doing ‘something’ when you get back to your office, you are actually developing and obtaining feedback from other colleagues on what they have done and how you can improve your plan before implementation! Plus, I will be able to take my experience and work on other programs of study using the same framework." 
~ Edna Quintana Claus, Ph.D., M.B.A., CIS Division Director, Texas State Technical College Harlingen, TX

Team Building and Customized Feedback for Each Team

Note: Each team receives transcripts and recordings of all coaching calls

In our successful CalWomenTech Project, the external evaluators found that along with the training itself, support for implementation with trainer Donna Milgram was one of the top 2 most important things that helped schools achieve their impressive recruitment and retention results. The WomenTech Online Bootcamp program includes 5 hours of call time for each team with Donna:

  1. Team-Building Orientation Call (Includes Laser Coaching on Target Audience) – This first 1.5 hour call with your team and Donna sets them up to be a high-functioning Leadership Team and takes them through the nuts and bolts of training logistics, such as choosing a weekly meeting time for homework/plan development. Donna will also help your team take the critical, first step of your Recruitment Plan – choosing the best target audience for your school – in this hour-long team call. Your target audience impacts every portion of your Recruitment Plan, so it’s critical to get it right at the start.
  2. Recruitment Plan Feedback Call and Retention Plan Feedback Call in Weeks Following Bootcamp – Donna will provide an hour of customized feedback on each action plan – one call on your team’s Recruitment Plan and one on your Retention Plan. You’ll also receive another round of written feedback when you revise and finalize your plans after these calls.
  3. Team Support for Implementation Call 3 Months After Bootcamp – Receive personalized support from Donna on implementing your Recruitment and Retention Plan during this 1-hour call.
  4. Final Group Presentation Call Presentation 6 Months After Bootcamp – Your team will have a chance to present and hear from the other teams in the training. The information you present can be included in reports to funders and in future grant proposals.

Who is this WomenTech Educators Online Training System for?

This program is recommended for community colleges that are serious about broadening participation in their institution’s STEM programs where women are underrepresented and are ready to do so in 1-years’ time.

The Follow-Up Support sessions really keep you on task. It’s too easy for this to be just one project among dozens, and the calls give you just-in-time reminders. It’s very helpful when you’re in the middle of implementing your plan to be reminded of something from the training you might want to go back and look at, or to receive new information from Donna that you need just at that moment."
~ Patrick J. Enright, Dean for Business, Mathematics, Engineering and Technologies, County College of Morris, Randolph, NJ

Teams communicate as a single voice during the program. Team members join together weekly to synthesize and apply the information into a group assignment; assignments build to create full Recruitment and Retention Action Plans during the training. To achieve these results, each team is required to focus on one career pathway which can be scaled and/or replicated later on.

What WomenTech Educator Participants Said About Their Teams in the Training:

“We have a fabulous team. So many people have different varied areas of expertise. We meet Wednesday mornings and everybody is energized and works hard.” ~ Patti Williams, Faculty, Surveying & Mapping Technologies, Mid-west College

The Power of Teams:

Who Should Be on Your Team:

To be most effective, each team consists of a group of 6-10 members with a variety of stakeholders from your college. Below are the recommended core team members (not every team will have every job title):

  • Dean or Chair of the Department of the targeted program (recommended)
  • Director of the Technology Center (or equivalent)
  • Principal Investigator of grant (if applicable)
  • Dean of Instruction
  • Minimum of two instructors in targeted courses (highly recommended)
  • Math administrator (if your core targeted courses have math prerequisites)
  • Outreach & Recruitment Director/Staff
  • Curriculum Developer
  • STEM Coordinator
  • Learning Center Director/Staff
  • Counselor/Advisor
  • Workforce Development Director
  • Research & Planning Officer

Download a Sample "Join My Team" Letter (DOC)

Online Training and Customized Feedback Provided by Donna Milgram:

Donna Milgram is Executive Director of the Institute for Women in Trades, Technology and Science (IWITTS) and has been Principal Investigator on 5 National Science Foundation (NSF) grants – including the CalWomenTech Project, which was highlighted by the NSF for demonstrating significant achievement and program effectiveness and chosen as 1 of 3 model projects nationally by the American Association of University Women.

  • Ms. Milgram developed the WomenTech Educators Training to help educators nationwide increase the number of women in their technology programs.
  • A nationally recognized expert on closing the gender gap for women and girls in STEM, Ms. Milgram has personally conducted hundreds of WomenTech Educators Trainings in 46 states and Canada.
  • She is the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and conference presentations including the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and Women in Engineering Proactive Network (WEPAN). Recent presentation highlights include:

o  U.S. Department of Education, Moving STEM Forward in the Career, Technical and Adult Symposium;

o  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Challenging Technical Privilege Symposium Panel; and,

o  Engineering for Kids Conference (Keynote Presenter).

  • Donna has been featured in the media on CNN, Fox Morning News, C-Span, and National Public Radio, and has been quoted in major newspapers such as The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Associated Press, and more.
  • An innovative leader, Donna Milgram draws upon over 21 years of experience leading successful projects, such as the NSF-highlighted CalWomenTech Project.

Talk with Donna Milgram about the WomenTech Educators Online Bootcamp

Learn directly from Executive Director
Donna Milgram, the creator of the
WomenTech Educators Training

"The training was time well spent. It was such a minimal amount of time to get so many concrete implementable strategies. The WomenTech Educators Online Training gives you the most for your money—you can implement the tools immediately with minimal resources and see true quantitative results!"

~ Phyllis Baca, Director of STEM Initiatives, Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM

What Educators Are Saying About the Online Training:

"We have the first three women in our Auto Technology Program and really want to make sure they succeed. After participating in the WomenTech Educator's Online Training, we created additional open lab time for them, realizing they may need extra time to develop hands-on skills in a nonthreatening atmosphere. Two months into the course they are still with us. I learned so much about retention from the online training, I decided our entire Engineering and Technology Department could benefit and we are bringing the online training to our school and rolling it out to all of the technical faculty over the next two years."

~ Van Madray, Dean of Construction and Industrial Technology Division, Pitt Community College, Winterville, NC

"The WomenTech Educators Online Training has the potential to change the way you view your program. Important data is presented with passion and humor. I want you to know I have gained a great deal from the course. By the time you have a graduate degree and have worked in education for decades, most "professional development" is repetitive. I can honestly say that you have given me much to think about and that it will result in changes to my approach to course development."

~ Lauran Sattler, Department Chair, Computer Information Systems, Ivy Tech Community College, President's Award for Instructional Excellence 2007, Warsaw, IN

"The online training was very manageable because it was asynchronous. I'm always teaching an overload, but you watch the training videos at your leisure, and participate as you're able. Because of that I was able to integrate the training into my very busy schedule."

~ Dr. Cynthia V. Marcello, Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems, SUNY Sullivan, Loch Sheldrake, NY

"I learned a lot of new methods and perspectives on retention I did not have before and I've already started making changes on how I do things here at my school! The WomenTech Educators Online Training was a content-filled and highly informative training program."

~ Antigone Sharris, Full-time Faculty & Program Coordinator, Engineering Technology Program, Triton College, River Grove, IL

Dates: November 1 - 2 & November 15 - 16, 2018

Learn more and register here.

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