Activities Align with Next Generation Science Standards

SciGirls In-Class Activities Make Science Fun for ALL Girls!

Real, diverse middle school girls conduct their own hands-on science investigations and engineering projects in this Emmy award-winning PBS series. SciGirls in-class activities align with the Next Generation Science Standards for Grades 3 through 8, the Standards for Technological Literacy AND the Common Core Mathematics Standards!

Every SciGirls DVD is divided into short video segments (2 - 8 minutes each) with chapter stops for ease of use in an educational setting. 

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The full package includes 15 episodes, 14 shorts, and 10 DVD’s, each accompanied by an in-class activity guide. Scroll down for detailed descriptions of each season.

~ Claudia M. Geocaris, Ed.D., STEM Consultant, DuPage County, Illinois

"...And the examples of the scientists in action have tremendous appeal for young girls. SciGirls connects with kids: they're done in a relevant, authentic, exciting manner. Plus, they're easy to integrate into teachers' normal science units. You don't have to use the whole DVD. You can use one little segment at a time, and just slip it in to wherever it fits in a unit."

"SciGirls provides great real-world examples of middle school students involved in the scientific process..." 

Season 2: Engineer Your World

In 10 episodes, the SciGirls discover how they can make a difference with STEM by using math and mapping to help a colony of bees, designing solar insulation to warm up an ice house, programming their own smartphone app for earthquakes, and much more. 

The SciGirls Season 2 Collection includes 3 DVDs and 3 activity guides for a total of 5 hours of video plus classroom activity time. Every half-hour episode is divided into short video segments with chapter stops for ease of use in an educational setting.

Biology, also called life science, is an extensive topic that covers every living thing on this planet, from the tiniest cell to plants to human beings. Episodes and activities are designed to engage girls in life science topics directly linked to their everyday lives.

  • Habitat Havoc | Hábitat en Caos - SciGirls compare palms to native trees in Southern California. | Las SciGirls comparan palmeras con árboles nativos del sur de California.

  • Multitasking Mania | Manía de Multitareas - SciGirls test if kids can multitask as well as they think they can. | Las SciGirls prueban si los chicos pueden hacer multitareas tan bien como ellos piensan.

  • Workin' It Out | Ejercicio Divertido - SciGirls determine, "what's the best exercise for me?" | Las SciGirls determinan, "¿cuál es el mejor ejercicio para mi?"
  • Bee Haven | Paraíso de Abejas - SciGirls use math and mapping to help a colony of bees. | Las SciGirls usan mapas y las matemáticas para ayudar a una colonia de abejas.

Season 2 SciGirls Explore: The Science of Living Things (DVD #1)

Download a sample in-classroom activity in: 

Season 2 SciGirls Investigate: Physical Science Fun! (DVD #2)

The physical sciences are a fundamental part of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curriculum. The episodes and activities emphasize key process skills necessary for success in all STEM fields. Girls practice observing, questioning, problem solving, planning an investigation, and analyzing results.

  • Mother Nature's Shoes | Los Zapatos de la Madre Naturaleza - SciGirls invent safer shoes for walking on ice. | Las SciGirls inventan zapatos más seguros para caminar sobre hielo.

  • Super Sleuths | Super Detectives - SciGirls solve a mysterious theft at forensics camp. | Las SciGirls resuelven un robo misterioso en el campamento forense.

  • Insulation Station | Estación de Aislamiento - SciGirls design solar and insulation solutions to warm an ice house. | Las SciGirls diseñan soluciones solares y aislantes para calentar una casa de hielo.

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Season 2 SciGirls Invent: Engineer Your World (DVD #3)

The process of designing and engineering requires creative thinking and problem solving.

The episodes and activities have girls sharing their inventive solutions to a variety of challenges.

  • Aquabots | Aquabots (en español) - SciGirls build an underwater robot to investigate oyster reefs. | Las SciGirls construyen un robot acuático para investibar los arrecifes de ostiones.

  • The Awesome App Race | La Fabulosa Carrera de las Apps - SciGirls program their own smartphone app about earthquakes. | Las SciGirls programan su propia app sobre terremotos para teléfono inteligente.

  • Pedal Power | El Poder del Pedal - SciGirls engineer a bike powered ice-cream maker. | Las SciGirls diseñan una máquina para hacer helados accionada por una bicicleta.

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Item #: EDTK104

The SciGirls Season 1 Collection includes 4 DVDs and 4 activity guides for a total of 6 hours of video plus classroom activity time. Every half-hour episode is divided into short video segments with chapter stops for ease of use in an educational setting. 

You can purchase each DVD and accompanying activity guide separately, or order the full Season 1 Collection to get a discount. Plus, order the full collection and you'll also get the BONUS SciGirls Seven guide (even more strategies for making science appealing for girls!).

Season 1: Get Tech

Season 1 SciGirls: Engineer It (DVD #1)

Season 1 SciGirls: Get Tech (DVD #2)

Season 1 SciGirls: Live Healthy (DVD #4)

Season 1 SciGirls: Go Green (DVD #3)

Engineering is a hot topic today in schools across the country. The episodes and activities are a great introduction to the design-build process.

  • Puppet Power - SciGirls engineer a giant pig puppet for their community's annual May Day Parade, complete with blinking eyes, twirling tail and a surprising snout.
  • Blowin' in the Wind - SciGirls discover the technology behind giant wind farms from an energy analyst and then design and build their own miniature wind farm.
  • BONUS: Turtle Mania - SciGirls learn about turtles, investigate their habitat and design ways to increase the turtle population in their neighborhood wetland.

Did you know that computer science and engineering are some of the STEM careers that still have far fewer women than men? These episodes and activities are designed to help reverse that trend.  

  • High Tech Fashion - SciGirls team up with fashion designer Diana Eng to create a high tech evening dress, using circuits of blinking LEDs and electroluminescent wire.
  • Robots to the Rescue! - SciGirls investigate ways of programming a rescue robot with human-like traits so it can better communicate with rescue victims in a disaster.
  • Digging Archaeology - SciGirls join an archaeological field camp to explore a Utah dig site and learn more about how the Fremont Indians lived over 1000 years ago.

Environmentalism is as popular as it is important. These episodes and activities introduce girls to science disciplines concerned with saving our planet.

  • Going Green - SciGirls put a lid on school trash by inventing a new use for recycled yogurt cups.
  • Star Power - SciGirls investigate how light pollution blocks their view of the stars and design a simple shade to reduce stray light in their neighborhood.
  • BONUS: Underwater Eco-Adventure - SciGirls compare the biodiversity of two California rocky reefs to measure the impact of human activity on ocean ecosystems.

With childhood obesity reaching alarming levels, healthy living is an essential topic for kids everywhere. These episodes and activities emphasize the importance of nutrition and the workings of the human body.

  • Science Cooks! - SciGirls analyze the nutritional content of favorite family recipes and then experiment to create and taste-test healthier alternatives.
  • Horsing Around - SciGirls help their friend select a horse to ride in a competition. They design experiments and then test three horses to pick a winner.
  • BONUS: Dolphin Dive - SciGirls investigate self-awareness in a pair of bottlenose dolphins, working with a scientist at the Dolphins Plus Research Center in Florida.


Item #: EDTK103

SciGirls Shorts Collection

SciGirls Shorts: Volume 1

SciGirls Shorts: Volume 2

Includes 1 DVD and Activity Guide.


  • Water Slides 
  • Forecasting 
  • Lego Robots 
  • Exercise & Memory 
  • Extreme Sounds 
  • Sand Dunes 
  • Pet Handedness 

The SciGirls Shorts Collection features SciGirls investigations from the award-winning PBS series DragonflyTV. These segments feature real girls doing real science! This collection of videos and activity guides make science colorful and fun! Each DVD is a 2-hour volume featuring 14 segments and includes an activity guide.

Also included with each DVD are 9 scientist profiles featuring smart, energetic female scientists that showcase different science careers. See a sample activity guide.

  • Hovercraft
  • Colorblind Dogs
  • Malformed Frogs
  • Hockey
  • Milk Carton Derby
  • Lift Off
  • Kites

Includes 1 DVD and Activity Guide.


  • Bogs
  • Music & Sound
  • Luge
  • Earthquakes
  • Dinosaurs
  • California Fish
  • Doghouse Design
  • Animal Ears
  • Tug-of-War
  • Forensic Science
  • Rabbits
  • Microgravity
  • Double Dutch
  • Soccer Kicks


Item #: EDTK102

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SciGirls Seven

This 18-page guide outlines SciGirls' educational approach, rooted in research-based best practices for engaging girls in STEM.

Inside you'll find:

  • Program Overview  
  • The Big Idea: What the Research Shows  
  • The SciGirls Seven: Proven Strategies for Engaging Girls in STEM  
  • Tips for Using the SciGirls Seven  
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  • References and Readings 
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